S. Bachu Bhai & Sons

S. Bachu Bhai & Sons

S. Bachu Bhai & Sons

bhayander, Thane, Maharashtra


Stainless Steel & CNC Components

We are one of the well known manufacturers, importers and exporters of a vast range of Engineering, Fabrication, Industrial, Hardware, Forging, Houshold, Furniture items etc. The complete assortment is known for features such as high corrosion & abrasion resistance, matchless durability, low maintenance, and robust construction. These products find application in automobiles and construction industries. The complete range is as given below:

Stainless Steel Products

Stainless Steel TeeGet Quotation

Stainless Steel Tee

Stainless Steel BendGet Quotation

Stainless Steel Bend

Industrial Hooks

Brass HooksGet Quotation

Brass Hooks

Coat HooksGet Quotation

Coat Hooks

Cabinet HooksGet Quotation

Cabinet Hooks

Door HooksGet Quotation

Door Hooks

J HooksGet Quotation

J Hooks

Industrial Brackets

Metal BracketsGet Quotation

Metal Brackets

SS Assembly BracketGet Quotation

SS Assembly Bracket

Stainless Steel Brackets

J BracketGet Quotation

J Bracket

Elevator BracketGet Quotation

Elevator Bracket

SS BracketGet Quotation

SS Bracket

Shelf Brackets

Handle BracketGet Quotation

Handle Bracket

Bracket MountsGet Quotation

Bracket Mounts

Housing BracketsGet Quotation

Housing Brackets

Folding BracketGet Quotation

Folding Bracket

TV BracketGet Quotation

TV Bracket

Industrial Products

Safety StrapGet Quotation

Safety Strap

U BoltGet Quotation

U Bolt

Packing PlateGet Quotation

Packing Plate

Pin-Taper WasherGet Quotation

Pin-Taper Washer

BB New BeadedGet Quotation

BB New Beaded

Stainless Steel Clamps

Wire ClampsGet Quotation

Wire Clamps

Pipe ClampsGet Quotation

Pipe Clamps

Tube ClampsGet Quotation

Tube Clamps

SS Pipe Support ClampGet Quotation

SS Pipe Support Clamp

C ClampGet Quotation

C Clamp

Stainless Steel Chain

Stainless Steel ChainGet Quotation

Stainless Steel Chain

SS ChainGet Quotation

SS Chain

Stainless Steel LinkGet Quotation

Stainless Steel Link

Link ChainGet Quotation

Link Chain

Chain AssemblyGet Quotation

Chain Assembly

Stainless Steel Handles

Veterinary Instruments

Fetotomy KnifeGet Quotation

Fetotomy Knife

Buhners NeedleGet Quotation

Buhners Needle

Dystocia HookGet Quotation

Dystocia Hook

Krey HookGet Quotation

Krey Hook

Stainless Steel Locks And Blocks

Stainless Steel Bottle Stand

Stainless Steel Hooks

Stainless Steel Door Stopper

Stainless Steel Fittings


CWT (Counter Weight) Products

CWT. Base Big-AC2Get Quotation

CWT. Base Big-AC2

Shoe CWTGet Quotation

Shoe CWT

Stainless Steel Drain Trap

Magazine Bags

Nylon Mesh BagGet Quotation

Nylon Mesh Bag

Nylon Magazine BagGet Quotation

Nylon Magazine Bag

Stainless Steel Rings

Hose Clamps

Hose ClampsGet Quotation

Hose Clamps

MS Hose ClampsGet Quotation

MS Hose Clamps

Stainless Steel Flange Nut

Stainless Steel Reducers

Copper Contacts

Bird Spikes

Bird SpikeGet Quotation

Bird Spike

Glass Railing Bracket

Glass Railing BracketGet Quotation

Glass Railing Bracket

Stainless Steel Floor Drain Trap

Door Clamps

Door ClampsGet Quotation

Door Clamps

Refractory Anchor

Refractory AnchorGet Quotation

Refractory Anchor

Metal Clamps

Metal ClampsGet Quotation

Metal Clamps

Engine Gaskets

Engine GasketsGet Quotation

Engine Gaskets

Locking Plate

Locking PlateGet Quotation

Locking Plate